Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Runners Conquerors

Today I am a runner.
I feel like an imposter when I say those words but I think they are true. I am now, more then ever, able to identify with those that enjoy this grueling sport. I wake up each morning at 4:45 to hit the pavement. Rain, snow, freezing temps not much stops us. I love it, it makes me healthy, I enjoy my conversations and time with my running partner, I love the peace it gives, and the energy I gain these are all great reasons to run. But I run everyday to prove to myself that my mind is stronger then my body. I can do hard things. I guess that is what makes a runner, one that conquers!

I think it is important to have those of us crazy enough to call ourselves runners ban together. In the light of the bombings at Boston Marathon we runners stand together. I cannot imagine the terror those runners felt. The fear of the spectators. Marathons are a triumph of the human spirit against our mortal being. Conquerors. So this terrorist has know idea what he is against. Runners are not the light hearted or faint of spirit; they are conquerors! I stand with you Boston or more aptly run with you.
The Imposter Runner


Lindsay and Mike said...

Great post!

Dad and Mom Pitcher said...

I love this post and you. This may be the very best for all those runners who put sneakers on the pavement and still keep searching for those new mountains to climb.
Runners are conquerors!

Maks Zięba said...